Giving meaning to life despite uncertainty

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 12 September 2022
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Hello to all of you,

Today for this news, we want to talk about uncertainty and especially, how to give meaning to your life when you face it.

Created by Abraham Maslow, Maslow’s pyramid shows the role of prioritizing the needs of individuals. It is therefore necessary to satisfy one’s security needs first before achieving personal fulfillment.

Giving meaning to one’s life is primordial in terms of our experiences or the situations we experience in order to face them correctly. Clinging to meaning is therefore crucial.

For the vast majority of us, we cling to our work because it is our way of earning a living and doing what we want to do thanks to this remuneration. But be careful, we must not over-invest in our work. In the long run, over-investment is not good. You have to give meaning elsewhere than in your work, such as in associations, in the environment, in hobbies or in causes that are close to your heart. It is proven that if we invest in a cause that is beyond us (positive vision), it will help us to overcome phases of uncertainty.

Putting meaning back into your life allows you to have an inner compass and not be lost on what you really want.