To feel like a player in your quality of life at work

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 26 September 2022
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Hello to all of you,

We hope you had a good weekend. At the Lab, we talk very frequently about QWL. But what is it really? QWL: quality of life at work.

Recently, we have also been talking about QWL, Quality of Life and Working Conditions. The term QWL has a collective dimension (for all employees) but also an individual dimension (each person can be an actor of his own quality of life at work). To have an impact on this, we must first of all be aware that we have the means to act in favor of a good QWL.

We therefore have a joint responsibility: organizational and individual

There is nothing better than an example to illustrate the QWL and show you that you can act:

If you have a heavy workload (tasks assigned, people working with you, deadline to hand in your work), this situation is organizational i.e. other people play a role with you. On the other hand, well-being and emotional management are individual factors and only you can change them.

In short, you should never be passive of a situation because there is always a possibility to act.

Of course, the perfect QWL does not exist. Each person reacts differently to the same situation, but as soon as we become aware of our possibility to act, it becomes easier to manage situations and find solutions.

The feeling of self-efficacy helps to improve one’s QWL. This feeling is not the fact of being more efficient but it is the efficiency in terms of action to improve one’s QWL and to feel capable of acting in front of a difficulty (alone or surrounded).

The feeling of self-efficacy = feeling able to act on your well-being

No matter what your skills are, the most important thing is to feel able to act and this desire is already a huge effort towards success. We are all capable of acting on our QWL, we just need the desire to change things.

To increase your sense of self-efficacy and therefore your QWL:

Focus on your successes. If you succeeded once, there is no reason why you can’t succeed a second time.
Watch other people succeed. We are all capable of succeeding, so there is no reason why you can’t.
Implement a coping strategy: decrease the difficulty of a task to restore the balance between resources and stress

Obviously, everything we’re explaining to you is a very complex subject and not everyone has yet realized the importance of QWL. There are still many improvements to be made but talk about it around you, get informed and don’t be afraid of the change that will be positive!