EKIP: A new way to collaborate

EKIP is the LABO ecosystem open to the economic field of Nice = it is a new way of looking at the business network by placing people at the heart of its organization.

EKIP is networking in progress = It is a living organism, whose size, participants, talents are perpetually recombined Depending on the encounters, the desires, and above all the opportunities that these crossroads will create.

The EKIP is also the human relationship as a business accelerator = Its objective is to facilitate exchanges, authentic professional meetings, without pretense.

EKIP is everyone’s curiosity at the service of everyone = technological innovations, economic shifts, geopolitical tensions… everything has been accelerating in recent years. For this reason, entrepreneurs must show openness, curiosity and adaptability in order to constantly reinvent themselves.

Lunch meetings

Meetings: We meet twice a month between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. for a collaborative lunch break. Everyone brings their lunch but also their question, their best practice, their point of entrepreneurial culture, their solution or their problem to discuss and move forward on everyone’s business.

Workshops: Every month, we organize workshops led by experts around a problem, a point of legislation, an aspect of our professions: finance, communication, digitalisation, etc.

The co-dev: manager by Philippe Hellegouarch, professional coach, self-help session at the discretion of the members.

How to join us?

Joining EKIP means joining a family. This is why we are convinced that it is necessary to test to adhere. We invite you to join us for lunch, to discover the community and live the experience of EKIP. If you adhere to our values and our personality, we welcome you into our family and we build together a serene relationship so that you make the most of the business opportunities offered by EKIP and that you too make your contribution!


  • One free session
  • Then 45€/month

Contact us

Feel free to send us a message, or contact us at +33 6 16 81 05 55

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An ideal location, close to shops and the Promenade des Anglais:

6 Rue du Congrès - 06200 Nice