The countdown is on !

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 15 November 2021

Monday 15th November, a stone’s throw from the Promenade des Anglais, under a winter sky like you only see on the Côte d’Azur…

Inspector Patrick points his nose at the corner of a window. This feline has been spying on the Coworking Lab for years now. He has observed shady individuals typing on their keyboards and handling “mice” (which, by the way, are not very appetising prey). They also make phone calls, talk to each other, laugh, eat and drink a lot of tea and coffee.

These days, Patrick the cat has noticed a change in the Coworking Lab, something in the air… While outside, the humidity and cold darken the Mediterranean landscape, you can smell the sweet smell of cinnamon candles coming from the Coworking Lab. So when the famous Patrick defies the elements to wander around the neighbourhood, his passage in front of the lab workers’ window often makes him want to wander into the lab. But the inspector is a shy animal.

So he observes the strange theatre that takes place every day in this coworking space. The atmosphere changes with the seasons, and these days the imminent arrival of the holidays and the end of the year is palpable. So palpable, that we could count the days.

Laboratory workers like to intellectualise things, so counting the days to Christmas would be the perfect way to organise your schedule in a fun way. This idea has crossed Géraldine Zermati’s mind ! During one of the Labo team’s weekly meetings, this initiative took shape in the creation of an event calendar : a digital To do list to prepare for the holidays and the end of the year 2021.

Between the balance sheet, the projects to be finalised, the next year to be prepared but also everything that constitutes the preparations for Christmas, the list can be long ! It’s the last straight line before 2022, so the Labo Coworking offers you in Story, its “Event calendar”.

Thaïs Belot