Happiness at Labo

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 14 March 2022
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“All men think that happiness lies at the top of the mountain, whereas it lies in the way of climbing it” This was the notion of happiness according to the great Chinese philosopher Confucius, a fascinating subject that was at the time reserved for philosophers.

We all have a definition of this abstract concept. One thing is certain, human beings are always in search of happiness. We are never totally satisfied and always look for something better elsewhere, higher, more beautiful… And it is true, we make our life choices with the purpose of achieving happiness.

We could also define it by power or money, but it comes first of all from the inside, feeling at peace with ourselves and well in our heads and bodies. There is this stability inside where our thoughts are in agreement with our words, our heart and our behaviour. As Chamfort said: “Happiness is not easy to find, it is difficult to find it inside but it is impossible to find it elsewhere”.

If we talk more and more about happiness at work, it is because we are able to measure the positive impacts of the well-being implemented in organizations and that there is a strong positive correlation between the happiness of employees and the performance of companies.

“Happiness” is also synonymous of a good working atmosphere. At The Labo, we try to live in the moment and enjoy our discussions over tea. We are fully aware of our surroundings and we thank life for what we have! The social bonding at work is an important ingredient for us, feeling good with the laboratory workers and sharing our environment together.

And for you, what is happiness at work?

Maïa Filleux