Detox juices

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 28 February 2022
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Here I am, back from skiing, invigorated by good memories with my friends and the fresh mountain air!

I’m full of energy and I’d like to keep this freshness, but I have the feeling that I’m carrying around some heaviness. An image comes to me … I remember the melting raclette on potatoes, decorated with Savoyard charcuterie. Guilt takes over and my vitality deflates before I even start working at the Lab!

All I want to do is switch to fresh, raw and plant-based food. I decide to take care of myself, drain my liver and clean my body. I’m afraid I’ll get bored with a mono diet, I love the variety of tastes and flavours! So I hesitate between a detox cure to fill up with good vitamins and minerals or a juice every morning to boost my day… ?

I opt for the cure that I could easily carry out at the Lab. By cutting out fats and animal proteins, I help my digestive system to lighten its workload.

I’m in the mood for some colourful drinks. So I grab my bag and head for the biocoop just around the corner!

I vary the vegetables and fruits because they give me different nutrients.

For an antioxidant juice, I choose raw beetroot, carrots, apples and limes, which are in perfect harmony. This juice gives me the energy of a meal while giving me the punch of vitamins. It offers my cells better protection against stress.

I start by peeling and washing the ingredients. Then I put the chopped carrots and beetroot and the apple wedges into the juicer. I blend until the juice is thick and smooth. Then I add the lemon juice and some chia seeds for a crunch. I enjoy the juice with the lab assistants because everything is shared here!

In between, we drink lots of water and herbal tea to help our bodies eliminate toxins. Finally, our body is in the middle of a cleansing process.

After three days of treatment, I get up on the right foot, more dynamic to start my day. I feel zen and energetic. My skin is clear and clean, I feel light, better in my body and in my head…


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