Posted by lelabocoworking on 19 July 2017
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Can we combine wellness and work?
Burn-out, Boreout and now Brown-out: do these ring a bell? Soon, we’ll need a thesaurus to list all the workplace disorders! Workplaces regularly generate new disorders that are usually given a name ending in “out”, as a way to indicate that we’re giving out (Le Point magazine). 

What are these workplace disorders? 

Burn-out: a professional fatigue syndrome that manifests itself as a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion. 

Boreout: the afflicted person suffers from a feeling of uselessness resulting from a lack of activity or a repetitive work. 

Brown-out: a syndrome that results from a feeling that the work lacks meaning. 

Caught between feeling of uselessness, pressures resulting from heavy responsibilities and professional fatigue, it’s becoming increasingly hard to refocus and find one’s inner calm. It has become a major issue for companies, employees and entrepreneurs. 

Can we combine work and wellness for a day? The Lab offers you that experience on Thursday January 26! 


Come to this unique experience consisting of a complete program, the support of wellness professionals and a day of co-working at the LAB and discover the tools you’ll need to achieve a more fulfilling professional life. 


The schedule: 

7:30 am: Yoga awakening 

8:30 am: healthy breakfast 

9:30 am: work in the co-working space 

11:30 am: writing workshop 

12:30 pm: bring your own lunch 

(Please note that the kitchen is unavailable for that day only for organization reasons. You can choose a delivery or buy your meals nearby). 

1:30 pm: relaxation therapy – quick nap experience 

2:30 pm: work in the co-working space 


Pricing for the day: €20 

Lab members: offered