Explore the potential of social entrepreneurship in coworking spaces.

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 13 May 2024
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Social entrepreneurship distinguishes itself through its commitment to solving social and environmental issues while pursuing commercial goals. Here’s how to leverage coworking spaces to boost your social enterprise:

1. Identify like-minded partners: In a coworking space, you often find other social entrepreneurs who share similar values. Identify potential partners for fruitful collaborations.

2. Engage with the community: Actively contribute to the coworking community by participating in social initiatives, sharing your experiences, and inspiring other members.

3. Host socially impactful events: Organize events, workshops, or conferences on socially relevant topics to raise awareness and engage the coworking community.

4. Share your story: Narrate your journey and mission to other coworking members. Your passion can inspire new social initiatives.

5. Seek volunteering opportunities: Many coworking spaces support social causes. Participate in corporate volunteering projects to make a difference.

6. Develop a sustainable business model: Work on the financial sustainability of your social enterprise by benefiting from advice and ideas from fellow coworking entrepreneurs.

7. Stay focused on impact: Social impact should remain at the heart of your operations. Use coworking as a platform to expand your influence.

Coworking spaces provide a strong foundation for social entrepreneurs by creating an ecosystem favorable to businesses that aim to change the world. Join the Labo Coworking community to harness these advantages and grow your social enterprise.

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