What is the burn out? 

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 18 July 2022
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Hello to all of you,

We hope that you are well and that you spent a good weekend. This is the first question we ask you, especially considering the subject of this news.

What is the burn out?

The burn out according to the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) is a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion which results from a prolonged investment in emotionally demanding work situations. The WHO has stated that one adult in four will experience a burn out during his or her lifetime.

Burn out is recognized by several signs:

  • Exhaustion
    You feel very tired and despite a rest it does not go away. This is one of the first signs of mental and emotional exhaustion.
  • Lack of enthusiasm at work
    You have stress, frustration at work? This can lead to negativity or work fatigue.
  • Reduced performance at work
    You have trouble concentrating, you forget important tasks, you are less efficient and stress takes over.
  • Worry and anxiety
    You are stressed about your performance at work, you change moods easily.
  • Sleep disorders
    You regularly suffer from insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep or even night wakings that prevent you from getting back to sleep.
  • Physical symptoms
    You have headaches, migraines, backaches or skin problems.
  • Irritability and mood disorders
    Nothing can annoy you, you are in a bad mood for no reason and you have many conflicts in your professional and personal life.

How can you avoid a burn out?

You need to set limits for yourself and maintain your work/life balance. Furthermore, take a step back from a stressful situation, everything does not have to be perfect and it is normal not to succeed in everything. Manage this stress and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Eat well and listen to what you want.

What should you do if you are in burn out ?
Take a rest, especially by taking a break from work.
ask yourself the right questions: why are you stressed, what can you do about it, can your employer help you and is this job for you.
follow an adapted treatment: a work stoppage or see a psychologist for example.

We hope that this news can help you if you are facing this situation or if you know someone in your circle who is overworked.

At the Labo Coworking, we are attentive to the well-being of everyone. It is essential to have a rest area, a friendly kitchen and breaks between work to not be overwhelmed.

Have a good week and take care of yourself.

Lucie Klinger (18/07/2022)