Lab tips : being kind to others

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 27 February 2023
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Lemurs are known to be very intelligent and sociable little animals that live in groups of about thirty members, always led by a female. In their social life with others, it is absolutely necessary to be nice to everyone, to fit in well with the group and to help each other.

In the world of work (and even more so in a coworking space!), we often meet new people: being friendly, kind and attentive to others is fundamental to making a good first impression.

The benefits of kindness are numerous. First of all, when we are kind to others, we release oxytocin into our bodies. This is a hormone that promotes the dilation of blood vessels and reduces stress. Sociability also allows us to adapt to others, to recognize their presence and to establish a relationship of respect and cordiality.

During long working days, we can be kind to our colleagues and coworkers with small gestures, a smile, or by having empathy when there is a problem. Opening your mind to others will put you in a supportive dynamic, which will surely bring you positive feelings and happiness.

Being kind is not a lack of character: like the little lemurs, it is a resource to better integrate a group and, in exchange, receive support when needed. And don’t forget that, as Jacques Weber said: “Kindness is the nobility of intelligence”!