Hypersensitivity, an asset in the working world

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 17 August 2022
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Hello everyone,

Are you familiar with the term hypersensitivity and even hypersensitive people in general? These are people who feel emotions more strongly than a “normal” person. They therefore have a differential sensitivity. Hypersensitive people have 2 or 3 senses that are more developed than others and therefore have an internal overstimulation.

Throughout your day, you go through several emotions between your professional and personal life.

Whether you are hypersensitive or not, it is essential to listen to your emotions because they give us information about ourselves and our feelings. It is estimated that 30% of the population is hypersensitive.

Perhaps you have a higher than average sensitivity or you know people who do. What we want to show you through this news is that being hypersensitive is an asset in the working world.
Although the emotional load is high, as well as the sensory load (the disturbance of noise for example), emotional intelligence takes precedence over everything else. Hypersensitives have a very strong emotional self-perception. It is important to communicate constantly about one’s emotions so that others understand them. Highly sensitive people are very creative, which is an asset in a company.

At the Lab, special attention is paid to each individual. There are spaces for group work and others for quiet time alone. The quality of life at work and well-being are essential to us.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion and your feelings after reading this!

Lucie Klinger (07/06/2022)