Christmas is coming and bringing us closer

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 19 December 2022
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We have a confession to make: in December, at The Lab, we are % Christmas spirit and we love it!

Christmas is not just a religious or commercial holiday. Christmas is a whole atmosphere, a whole symbol: it’s winter when it’s cold and we light the fireplace, it’s watching movies we’ve already seen a thousand times, it’s the familiar smell of chestnuts, mulled wine, cinnamon and churros at the Christmas market!

Mmmm… I’m hungry.

And the foie gras, the oysters, the smoked salmon, the turkey, the sweet potato purée, the log, the clementines… Sorry, I’ll get over it

Are you going to tell us that we are overdoing it? That, in addition to being Christmas freaks, we’re going to gain 10 kilos? So be it! If there’s one time of year when you can go overboard, it’s during the Christmas season.

Let’s be honest, Father Christmas doesn’t exist and for many people, Christmas can seem like a chore (especially when you’re the one cooking).

And if we’ve been talking about food for a few lines now, it’s because “the way to the heart is through the stomach”. So, now let us talk to you about the heart!

If Christmas rhymes with trifle, agro-industrial or fudge, it also rhymes with memorable and sensory! When we get into the Christmas spirit, in an almost nostalgic rush, it’s only our memories of winters past that we like to recreate together and sometimes, with new people.

The food and all the rest is just decoration, a little festive touch, enough to revive the childish soul in us and the desire to share, to give and receive, but above all to consolidate the bonds that unite us.

At the Labo Coworking, we like to organise raclette evenings, decorate the tree together, bake cakes, taste wines and cheeses. Just before leaving for the holidays, we take part in the “Secret Santa”, a challenge that is always surprising when we discover the gifts that each of us has chosen for his or her coworker!

These little events that punctuate the end of the year are an opportunity for us to get together, exchange ideas, get our heads out of work and enjoy each other’s company, in a word: to relax.

This is what Christmas means to us.
We invite you to join us and we wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones!