Carpe Diem

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 9 May 2022
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“Nostalgia” is a Greek word composed by Ἄλγος (pain) and Nόστος (return): so we experience nostalgia when we suffer through something that existed in the past, but has ceased to be there in the present. In our work routine, it is very important to be connected with the world around us. When we have a personal problem, we tend to get stuck in the past, or to project ourselves anxiously into the future.

The risk of going into our memories too often is that we lose focus on our usual activities. In the evening, when we are reviewing the day’s film, we cannot fall asleep; in some cases, symptoms of anxiety and distress may occur. How can we forget the past and stay focused on the present?

We will have to stop for a moment and breathe deeply: we will remember that we are in touch with the world, the “here and now”. Meditation can be very useful, because letting go will lead us to enjoy the present moment. We will then be ready to resume our daily tasks.

But be careful! There is also a risk of worrying about tomorrow and thinking too much about the future. In this case, we must identify the events that worry us and prepare ourselves in advance. At work, for example, it will be useful to transfer the stress by writing in a notebook and always using Weekly Planners so that nothing is forgotten. This way, the mind will be unburdened and ready to focus again on the present.

By the way, when it comes to the present time, the best advice is that of the Latin poet Horace, which has become a real proverb:

Carpe diem – Seize the day!

Maddalena Corbini