5 tips to be more organized

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 30 May 2022
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Can we learn how to be organized?
Our attitude to daily tasks often reflects our emotional state. Thus, the ability to be organized, both in our professional and private lives, really becomes an essential quality for our well-being.

Here are 5 tips for being more organized at work:

1. Use Weekly planners and To Do Lists

A planning system such as a weekly planner allows you to write down your schedule and, with to-do lists, to list your priorities each day for the whole week. You can also choose to use a calendar, or both, why not?

2. Organize your space

The first thing to do as soon as you arrive in the morning: tidy up your desk, organise your mailbox and above all keep your phone and any possible distractions away. Organizing your space is essential for good work!

3. Use the Eisenhower Matrix

This is a matrix for managing tasks and classifying them by priority and/or importance. By following a precise hierarchy, you can achieve a better use of time and priorities!

4. Take breaks

Working with alternating breaks maximises productivity and improves rhythms throughout the day. In addition, small breaks such as coffee breaks are essential to create social moments with colleagues.

5. Set goals and do one task at a time

Setting clear goals and daily tasks is something that is essential in order to be more productive. Once we have chosen a goal, we have to dedicate ourselves 100% to it and always keep motivated!

Do you have any tips for getting organised?

Maddalena Corbini