The Christmas wishes of all our lab members

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 21 December 2023
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Ho Ho Ho!

Can you also feel the delightful aroma of cookies, milk, and mulled wine, along with the scent of roasted chestnuts, and most importantly, that warm festive atmosphere? Yes, dear friends, Christmas is just around the corner!

As a little elf from Labo Coworking’s Santa, I set out to collect the Christmas wishes of our lab members, and here are some of their corporate/entrepreneurial desires:

  • That their companies continue to promote a healthy balance between work and personal life by offering flexible benefits and work policies.
  • That they foster a culture of continuous learning, where mistakes are seen as opportunities for improvement and growth.
  • That they gain greater visibility next year.
  • That they achieve a record turnover next year, thereby consolidating their position in the market and opening new growth opportunities for all team members.
  • That they continue to cultivate healthy, prosperous, and friendly relationships with partners, clients, and employees.

As a little elf, I’m not entirely sure about what our dear big guy in red and white has in store, but I have a little idea! He will offer them a valuable piece of advice: come and work at Labo Coworking! Indeed, thanks to our healthy and friendly environment, along with all our amenities, you can work in the best possible conditions. By being your best at work, you give your companies the chance to fulfill your wishes, as we know that a company’s success comes from talented and fulfilled collaborators.

Oh, here’s another wish, this time a bit more personal:

  • By the end of March, to be able to understand and integrate into the Nice ecosystem.

This time, Santa will suggest looking into Labo Coworking’s Well In Nice program. W.I.N. is an integration and follow-up program within the Niçois life, whether it be in housing, cultural events, or professional meetings like seminars, etc.

And a last one because third time’s the charm:

  • To rediscover the coworking spirit of Labo Coworking within my company’s premises.

And I think the old man has exactly what you need: Le Corpoworking. Labo Coworking has this offer that involves importing our way of working into your companies. Moreover, Le Corpoworking also ensures follow-up on your company’s adaptation to our work methods.

To conclude my elf work, I think I’ve had quite a bit this year. But thanks to Labo’s Santa and Labo Coworking members, I’m sure everything will be ready in time for the gift exchange!

On that note, don’t forget to enjoy your loved ones during the holiday season and remind your circle that you love them; and most importantly, Merry End-of-Year Holidays to all! 🎄🎁