Take time to meditate

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 30 January 2023
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When we talk about meditation, we think of relaxation, well-being or yoga.

But what does meditation actually mean?

First of all, this term represents the deep reflection and investment that we put into a project or a specific goal. Hence the expression “the fruit of one’s meditations”: we are referring to concentration, investment and reflection.

The state of meditation converges in this sense to focus on one’s own emotions, body and interaction with the environment.

The objective is to become aware of our body in a concrete way; this method allows us to reach a deep relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and dissolves negative thoughts.

At the Coworking Lab, we want to stress the importance of this mental well-being. Linking the body and the mind is beneficial to your health, but also to your productivity, especially in terms of attention and memory.

Don’t have time to meditate? Let me prove you wrong with 3 methods of meditation that you can slip into your daily life:

1/ The mini-meditation

This method consists of concentrating on the breath, as well as on the movement of the bust which results from it. During the inhalation, think “I am” and during the exhalation think “in peace”. Then do it again. Easy and practicable anytime, anywhere.

2/ In the shower

Why not make the shower even more pleasant?

Concentrate on the feeling of the water on your skin, the smell of your shampoo, the sound of the water falling.

Massage your scalp, feel exactly where you are. You can also practice this mindfulness meditation while cooking or eating for example. The idea is to pay attention to what you are doing and how you feel.

3/ Guided meditation

As you may have guessed, there are thousands of meditation videos on the Internet. Find your guide, who, accompanied by relaxing music, will allow you to dive into the state of meditation sought. Take time before bed, for example, to relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you enjoy this activity and make it a habit, you will see the many benefits of meditation in your daily life.