Emerging trends in workplace well-being and coworking

Posted by Maddalena Corbini on 28 August 2023

Wellbeing at work and coworking are constantly evolving areas, and new trends are emerging to create more supportive work environments.

Companies and coworking spaces are adopting technology solutions to make space reservation easier, to communicate between members, and to create smarter work environments that are tailored to individual needs. Online applications and platforms are being developed to offer a better coworking experience.

Coworking spaces are increasingly offering flexible membership plans to meet the varied needs of the self-employed and businesses. This includes options such as part-time subscriptions, day or hourly plans, allowing users to choose the time and duration of their presence based on their personal and professional obligations.

They seek to create welcoming and inclusive environments for all people, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability. They put in place policies and initiatives to promote diversity, equal opportunities and accessibility for all.

New approaches are being put in place to promote balance. This may include the establishment of unlimited leave policies, the creation of relaxation spaces, the organisation of on-site wellness activities, such as meditation or yoga sessions, and the promotion of a culture of respect for personal limitations and recuperation time.

The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable working environment. Coworking spaces are placing increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability. They adopt environmentally friendly practices.

These emerging trends reflect a shift towards work environments that are more focused on well-being, inclusion, flexibility and sustainability.

At Le Labo Coworking, we are adopting these new approaches to foster a culture of well-being at work and to improve the satisfaction and productivity of our lab technicians.

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